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Inspiration, information, community:

  • Phylor’s Blog – Phylor’s creativity extends to both the written word and the space on a page. As a 20+ year veteran of chronic pain, she approaches life with humor and grace.
  • Chronic Pain Journal – Kathleen was injured by the epidural needle during the birth of her 2nd child in 2003. Her Painie Chronicles follow Kathleen & her family through this journey. (p.s. Thanks, Kathleen, for introducing me to the term “painie” so I could steal it.)
  • Graceful Agony  – Jolene has battled health problems ever since she was born with a heart defect. As a single mom with chronic pain, she faces everything with an open heart. Jolene hosts regular blog carnivals, in which I WILL SOMEDAY TAKE PART, dammit!
  • Transform Your Chronic Life – Wendy, a freelance writer with fibromyalgia & bipolar disorder (among other things) followed the maze of accepted medical protocol until becoming too sick to work, thereby losing her health insurance. Her blog chronicles her ongoing nontraditional management of her health and provides tips for managing your condition outside of the traditional doctor’s office.
  • Chronic in the Kitchen – Healthy, easy recipes, tips for helpful kitchen tools…makes me hungry every time I read it!
  • FibroDAZE – Kathy, who brings us Chronic in the Kitchen, also authors this blog devoted to living with fibro. Kathy has a subversive sense of humor and offers buckets of solid advice. She also introduced me to Despair, Inc. 
  • Autoimmunemaven – Sheila, who lives with multiple autoimmune disorders, offers tips for living with chronic illness, and shares her great wit and humor with the rest of us.
  • Una Vita Bella – Amy lives with fibromyalgia, depression, anxiety and PTSD. And writes about her life beautifully. She works for Wego Health, a web resource for health activists, so her writing is at once deeply personal, while also informed and up-to-date on today’s healthcare issues.
  • Seeking Equilibrium – I have only just discovered this beautiful site, which means I can look forward to many wonderful hours discovering the insights that Rosemary brings to fibromyalgia.
  • Chronic Babe Forum – Online resource for young women with chronic illness. Apparently they don’t check IDs, because they let me join. Chronic Babe is so much more than a website, offering discussion forums, live chat, even shopping opportunities.
  • But You Don’t Look Sick – Website and blog founded by Christine Miserandino, a Lupus patient and creator of the Spoon Theory.
  • The Fibromyalgia Treatment Center – The ultimate resource for navigating Dr. Paul St. Amand’s Guaifenesin fibromyalgia treatment protocol, and for following his low-carb diet to counter the effects of reactive hypoglycemia, a major culprit in chronic fatigue.
  • Fibroduck – When I figure out exactly what this site is up to, I will describe it. But check it out. It’s very cool.
  • zenhabits – “smile, breathe, and go slowly” – simplify your life


  • Despair, Inc. – Ever get tired of those motivational posters they put up at the office? Me too.
  • Cute Overload – Gratuitously cute puppy & kitten pictures.
  • Failbook – Antidote to every Facebook status update that has ever annoyed you.
  • Cake Wrecks – The rule is that every cake shown on this site must be made by a professional. I’m just not sure what kind of professional could create these fabulous disasters.

8 Responses

  1. Thanks Jane!!

    I’m happy to be among such esteemed company–You ROCK! Glad we met.


    • I am too (glad we met, that is). Thanks Sheila!

  2. Thanks so much Jane – you did an excellent job with your descriptions (maybe TOO good, I don’t know how I’m going to live up to that one . . . LOL.)

    I’m glad you found Jo’s group – Painopoly is the best description I’ve ever seen of what it’s like to try to find treatment for the agony so many live with every day. I’m going to be linking that one. Hopefully some of the healthcare folks will end up seeing it and getting a clue. (Sorry Sheila, I know you’re one of the few that understands, and that was definitely NOT aimed at you.)

  3. Thank you for the Shout Out!!!

    You know how Family Game Night has come back with a vengence? Well, I wonder if we should organize “Painie Game Night”. Invite all those who are non-believers or dismissers of pain to play a few rounds. Wonder who would win Painopoly? One of the best articles I have read so far.


    • Thank you so very very much! Painie Game Night sounds awesome, although at least half of us painies will have to cancel because they’re having a bad day. But at least we won’t ever judge each other for having to cancel something fun because our bodies are not cooperating.

      I am guilty of wishing a few rounds of Painopoly on some people. I think every person who discriminates against pain patients should suffer chronic pain…just temporarily, but long enough to know what untreated pain does to your quality of life.


  4. Hi Jane, thanks for adding my cooking blog to your list. I also have another blog – http://www.bignoise-enterprises.com/blog/ called FibroDAZE!

    • Thanks Kathy, I added FibroDAZE to the list. And thanks for the humor links on your site. I had to steal a couple of them!

  5. Thanks, Jane!! I’m honored to be listed on your site!! By the way, don’t you just LOVE Despair, Inc??? It’s one of my favorites!!

    Again, thanks for the add and I’ve added you as well! I am loving reading through your posts!!


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