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Me: Fibrogirl

Although I am pushing 50 years old, I am a newborn baby blogger, trying to find my voice. I’ve had fibromyalgia since 1989 and chronic fatigue since 2007. I’ve had my share of depression, and the mood swings of menopause have been a real hoot.

I have a tween daughter and a disabled husband with failed back syndrome.

I have learned to let go of many of my plans due to illness and injury. Some of my posts are about coming to terms with what I can’t accomplish in my lifetime.

Click here for posts related to my various issues.

I like:

  • Music
  • Nature
  • Fooling around with watercolor paints
  • Reading
  • Our dogs
  • Documentaries
  • Starting projects that I probably won’t finish: sewing, knitting, polymer clay…

I don’t like:

  • Phony people
  • Hearing myself yell at my family
  • Knowing that I’m doing a bad job of taking care of business
  • Being too tired to write, think, or work
  • Driving at night in the rain
  • Anything with canned garlic in it
  • Hearing people (mostly well-intentioned) talk about their high threshold of pain and how they would never take pain meds

3 Responses

  1. Hi there….I wanted to let you know that you are not alone…in fact your story sounds oh so very familiar. The one huge difference is that i am living in a same sex relationship now for over 18 yrs….and divorced prior. BUT, I am a fibro girl with chronic pain, herniated discs, psoriatic arthritis, etc living with my partner who is 46, disabled from a failed back surgery, also with psoriatic arthritis, asthma, high BP, seizure disorder,…I’m sure I’m forgetting something. Anyway, wanted to see if you’d like to chat sometime. We both see a chronic pain specialist…and I too can not stand people who tell me they’d never take pain meds!! I’ve read a lot of your posts and somehow feel a kindred spirit between us…..I’m on facebook under “Kelly Trader Catalina Luna”…I’m the Kelly Trader “half” and it’s a page for both of us (she did not feel up to having her own initially and it has gone unchanged)….I’ll tell you the best post I related to was your “cheap date” blog….I to consider that once a month appointment our only way out and that it has to be as special as possible. That goes for anyone else here…I am always seeking new friends, cyber or otherwise. Our lives have become so isolated as you can probably imagine or are living that way yourselves. Thank you so much for reading… Anyway…I’m also at lunatrader4@comcast.net if you’d like to chat. I know that you must have hundreds of people talk to you so it’s ok either way….just wanted to connect if you’d like to. Keep doin what you’re doin…it helps….xxx take care ❤ Kelly

    • Hi Kelly: It is so good to hear from you…and great to make a new friend. Chronic illness is so isolating…once I take care of the things I absolutely have to do (if I even do), I don’t usually have enough to engage with people in real life. And even if I do, I don’t usually want people to see the inside (or even the outside) of my house. I can’t help but feel somewhat embarrassed…I’m always telling people I have “health issues” and “my husband is disabled” as an excuse for a yard in disrepair and a disheveled home.

      The amazing thing is discovering people out there in the cyberverse who have similar experiences. I’m glad to hear you get to treat your pain appointment as a date…I don’t always get into the spirit of it, but this month I had the time to get dressed up and I felt positively sizzling. Although 4 hours waiting to see the pain doctor put a little damper on things…I should have brought two books to read this month.

      Anyway, thank you for reading and thank you especially for commenting. I have been remiss in writing posts lately, which makes me think – ah, nobody reads it anyway, why bother?

      My very best to you and your partner. I know it’s hard being a couple where both of you have compromised health, but there are times I think we would have not made it if one of us always had perfect health. How can such a person understand what it’s like?


    • I didn’t quite take in just how similar our relationships are to each other, aside from one pesky y-chromosome. One of you with fibro, one with failed back. I am so very sorry, and so very grateful to know you.

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